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UFO Cover-up

Even though there are indications that UFOs have been around since the earliest memories of mankind, they have only received close attention since Kenneth Arnold saw - what the media called - a flying saucer in 1947.
In 1947 the Cold War had already started and there was a real danger of a third world war erupting. In those circumstances nobody thought it wise to acknowledge that Earth was being visited by extra-terrestrials with a technological knowledge that exceeds ours by far. There was a genuine fear for the public reaction: in the short term, there was a fear of panic and public hysteria. In the long term, there was the fear that such knowledge might actually lead to the disintegration of society. Experts therefore explicitly advised that such information be withheld from the public. - See 'Brookings Report' for more information.

Steven Greer lists a number of other reasons that also contributed to the decision to cover up:

  • security issues surrounding possible military and technology applications of ETI technology, especially in the setting of a world beset with Cold War tensions and competing interests.
  • uncertainty and mistrust regarding ETI motives and ultimate intentions.
  • embarrassment and consternation over human military inability to secure world air space from repeated penetrations by ETS
  • embarrassment and loss of face resulting from disclosures concerning how this matter has been handled, such as the harassment and ridicule of innocent civilians and military personnel, the withholding of information from the public and Congress, etc."

It was therefore decided that information about extra-terrestrial intelligence, including about UFOs, should be withheld from the public at all cost. This gave rise to a whole series of covert projects, all designed for the same purpose: to cover up any such information. - See 'Secret Projects' for more information.
'Plausible deniability' was a key strategy to that end.

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