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Orion, or The Hunter, is the name of a star constellation, easily located in the sky by the three bright stars in a row that make up The Hunter's Belt. Starting with the top one (in the Northern hemisphere), the names of these three stars are Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak. (According to Solara, their galactic names are EL, AN and RA). Betelgeuse ('the red giant"), Rigel and Bellatrix are some other well known stars in the Orion Constellation. Another famous phenomenon in the Orion constellation is the Great White Nebula, in which thousands of stars are being born.

"Orion is a pattern of stars that has intrigued mankind since ancient times. The word Orion may derive from the ancient Akkadian word 'Uru-anna,' which means 'The Light of Heaven.' Western cultures have often identified this constellation as the Hunter. The inherent energy of Orion is associated with polarity conflict. Earth is presently attempting a final integration of these polarities, hence the strong feelings of connection that many humans display regarding Orion." (PoL)"The term Orion Light refers to the point in Orion's evolution where they have succeeded in integrating polarity. It can also be considered the Orion Mass Consciousness - the non-physical aspect of Orion that operates from a sense of unity and integration." (PoL)
(Note: this Orion Mass Consciousness probably is the same as the EL consciousness).

Physical Characteristics of the physical humanoid species, found in Orion:

  • 75 % of the inhabitants are human (or standard) Vegan in nature,
  • 14 % are non-human Vegan (insect- or reptoid-like, often called "reptilians" or "lizzies"),
  • 10 % are darker skinned Lyran,
  • 1 % is Caucasian Lyran.

An important feature of -what we might call- "priests" in the Orion System, is that they have clear blue eyes. This color is not natural but obtained through a type of spiritual path. (See Orion Priesthood).

Orion Nebula: lies hundreds of light years BEYOND the Orion open cluster and has been identified as a "gateway" to an infinite realm beyond the physical universe, or the abode of the angelic forces and the Supreme Being.

Material published on the Serpo site in August 2006 mentions a Project Orion. See Orion Project for more information.

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