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Lyran Cat-people

Earth's mythologies are filled with stories of cat people. These refer to an actual race that did interact with Earth in a distant past. Thesecat people, like many other species, come from the Lyra Constellation.

Lyssa Royal: "One other Lyran subgroup is also mammal and what youwould consider to be humanoid - but whose physical appearance resembles what youcall the feline kingdom on your world. They are not cat people, but humanoidswho have catlike qualities. They are very agile and strong. The nose is notpredominant but catlike, if you can imagine the nose of a cat. The ears areneither human nor catlike but somewhat of a cross, a little pointed, not verymuch, but a little. The mouths are very gentle and small. (Many times whenextraterrestrials look at the human face, to them the human face is overwhelmedby the mouth.) These catlike entities have very small, delicate and what youwould call dainty mouths. The eyes are very pronounced, large and catlike, witha second lid. Again, these qualities developed from the specific environmentthey have placed themselves within over generations. They do not have fur.However, there is a protective layer of what you could consider peach fuzz overthe skin because of the harsh ultraviolet radiation on their indigenous planet -it simply protected the skin.

Any primitive interaction with these entities on your world may reportthat they are cat people - they are not. They are humanoid."

[Lyssa Royal: Excerpt of "Galactic Family, An Overview of Genotypes"]

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