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The word "Lizzies" probably was first used by Barbara Marciniak to indicate the lizard-race. Most of the Lizzies belong to the Draconian / Orion Confederation, who -very simply put- are a bunch of aliens with evil intentions. Basically, their intention is to conquer and control as much of this galaxy as they can.

The lizard-race supposedly is coming from: Thuban (Alpha Draconis) & Tiphon (Draco), Bellatrix & Rigel (Orion), Epsilon Bootes, Zeta Reticulum and Altair (Aquilla).

Physical appearance:

There are several lizard races, including insectoids, reptoids, dinoids (or saurians, as some people prefer to call them), as well as cross-breeds between them.

The most common species are:

See also: Draco, Orion, Vega, Zeta and Altair.

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