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Gabriel Green, editor of UFO International Magazine, published the story of 'Bob', an American radio amateur who in 1961 was contacted on his radio by a race of 'Korendrians,' inhabitants of the planet Korender. They are supposed to be a human looking civilisation, that is a bit shorter than humans - some accounts say only 4 to 5 feet tall, while others mention 5 to 6 feet. The Korendrians would be members of the Federation.
Their home planet, Korender (sometimes spelled Korendor), is said to be the third planet in a solar system consisting of 12 planets circling ths star Korena, which would be a star in the Bootes constellation, quite close to Arcturus. Korena would be 400 light years away from us.
Bob's main contact was called Lin-Erri, and he eventually got to meet her as well as other Korendrians.
Bob was later identified as Bob Renaud. His story was published in the book "UFO contact from Korendor." Several researchers, including Wendelle Stevens, have investigated his claims, and are convinced he is sincere about them.
At least two more radio amateurs have subsequently come forward claiming that they, too, had been contacted by Korendrians.

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