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"A hybrid is anything derived from heterogenous sources or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds. The hybrids spoken of in UFO literature are primarily a cross between Earth human and Zeta Reticuli beings. The specific process that is used to create these hybrids has not yet been revealed. It uses not only genetic splicing and cloning, but a form of light plasma engineering technology with which humans are unfamiliar." (PoL)

Known types of hybrids, thus far:

  • Grey / human
  • Essassani: Orion Greys and humans
  • Bellatrix mercenaries: reptilian greys and insect-like beings
  • hybrid ELs: physical humanoids and non-physical ELs
  • Orange: according to the Branton material a cross between humanoids and reptilian greys
  • Procyon: Blonds from Procyon would have cross-bred with earth humans

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