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Many names have been used for the Founders, the Founding or Creating Fathers, the original Creator Gods or Original Planners... All of these terms, however, refer to the same beings that were the first "split-offs" from God. In charge of the Big Plan, they are responsible for the creation of most of this material/physical universe. Needless to say, they are beyond time and space, as that, too, was their 'invention'.
"The Founders are the collective soul of the humanoid family. To physical beings, they manifest in humanoid form - tall, graceful, androgynous - appearing somewhat insect-like. Humanity is the result of the internal fragmentation of the Founders." (PoL)
Sometimes the terms Founders and Creator Gods, are also (ab)used for, and by, the second generation of split-offs: some humanoid and lizard races (like the inhabitants of Thuban, Alpha Draconis) came to Earth and 'created' mankind through genetic manipulation, using both alien and Earth primate DNA. Because of their ability to "create," they started calling themselves the Founders or Creator Gods.

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