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Several explanations.


"A system of graduated planes of existence, in which each successive plane expresses a higher vibration. Each dimension is comprised of seven levels of vibrations and has its own unique curriculum.

  • Third Dimension: The plane of Earth's existence, physical matter and manifestation, ruled by the five senses. It contains dense matter and adopts the curriculum of the carbon based existences.
  • Fourth Dimension: Scientists regard this dimension as time, along with the three spatial dimensions of height, width and length. The Celestials refer to the Fourth Dimension as the vibration of Love and the opening of the Heart area. It is an etheric dimension that provides the pathway to the higher worlds.
  • Fifth Dimension: The Dimension beyond time and space that allows for pure thought manifestation. Often it is regarded as the Dimension of Thought.
  • Sixth Dimension: A higher etheric world that integrates new colors and sounds into its existence. The doorway to the Seventh Dimension.
    Certain Star Systems, such as Alpha Centauri, have evolved to this vibratory frequency and reside in this dimension.
  • Seventh Dimension: The vibratory frequency that begins after the forty-second octave and continues through the forty-ninth. The etheric frequency that supports the Ascended Masters and Shamballa. It contains one of the highest vibrations in this universe. In the Seventh Dimension, Light and Sound manifestation are brought to one of the highest frequencies that humans are able to comprehend."

Lyssa Royal in "The Prism of Lyra" prefers to use the term 'density' because 'dimension' would refer to a location (?).

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