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Conspiracy theories

Generally speaking, Conspiracy Theories attempt to explain the ultimate cause of an event (usually a political, social, or historical event) as a secret, and often deceptive, plot by a covert alliance of powerful people or organizations rather than as an overt activity or as natural occurrence. (Wikipedia)

The Conspiracy Theories that interest us in the Hyperbase, in a nutshell, are twofold:

  • the US govt is involved in loads of covert operations, many of which have to do with a UFO cover-up, and with the presence of aliens on Earth. This whole cover-up involves a lot of secret projects.
  • Apart from that, there are some secret organisations that are really running the world. They are referred to as the secret government, the illuminati, etc... There are many indications that they, too, have been interacting with alien civilisations.

Some of the players who are involved in this are:

  • the NSA & CIA work together, and are tied in to MJ-12 and Illuminati; working together with Greys (and according to some, the Reptilians).
  • according to MW Cooper, COM-12 is the Naval Intelligence, and is exposing a lot of the MJ-12 material through 'leaks' (and according to some is working with the 'Blonds/Nordics' and/or Pleiadians).

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