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In astronomy, Cetus is the name of a constellation that lies on the celestial equator, just south of the constellation of Aries. It is also known as 'The Whale'. The name Cetus refers to the name of the sea monster in Greek Mythology that was sent by Poseidon (Neptune) to kill Andromeda, but was killed by Perseus.

One of Cetus' star systems, Tau Ceti, is inhabited by a humanoid, Lyran Caucasian race (of 'Blonds'). (Though one source mentions them as more tanned, Mediterranean or even South American looking). They are member of the Federation of Planets, and are believed to be one of the races that have contacted the US government to express their concern.
The inhabitants of Tau Ceti have been heavily involved in the war with the lizzies.

Interestingly, already in 1920, a contactee was told about the "Norcans," a race of blond inhabitants of a planet circling Tau Ceti, who migrated to Earth, some 14.000 years ago. See: Norcans.

Tau Ceti is also one of the systems from which present day scientists have received clear radio signals that are believed to be an indication of intelligent life. (See also: OZMA project). It is only 11.8 light years away from Earth.

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