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Capella (Alpha Aurigae), also known as the 'She-Goat,' is the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga (the driver or the charioteer). It is the fifth brightest star in the sky.

Throughout history, Capella has been important to many civilisations:

  • It was the "patron star" in Babylonia;
  • For the Arabs, it was the star that supervised the game of all the other celestial players;
  • Several temples in Egypt are aligned with the place where Capella sets;
  • To the Greeks, it was Amalthea, the heavenly goat that breast-fed Zeus. (It's because of this that Capella is also known as the Goat-star).

The inhabitants of the Capella system are believed to be members of the Draconian Empire, in that Capella was colonised by the Draconians. (Sources: Alex Collier, Branton, Dulce 32; as well as Matthew).

George Andrews claims that a reptilian race from Capella was one of the first races to establish a colony on Earth.

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