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Welcome to the Exopaedia Wiki!

This version of the Exopaedia wiki is at present still experimental.
It contains an export of information of the Hyperbase (
The internal references were done by a computer program and occasionally still contain errors.

The purpose of the Exopaedia wiki is for people to share their knowledge. Feel free to contribute!

If you are looking for information, you can start from the menu on the left, use the search facility, or start navigating from the Hyperbase Home Page.

Help with the Exopaedia wiki

If you need help: A local copy of PmWiki's documentation has been installed along with the software, and is available via the documentation index.

The basic editing page describes how to create pages in PmWiki. You can practice editing in the wiki sandbox.

More information about PmWiki is available from .


On 22 March 2008, at 17.04 GMT the site was hacked by an individual who had created a profile for the name Joe Frega. Unfortunately, with wikis the risk always exists that some unscrupulous people just go and destroy the information. The actual IP address of the person destroying several pages, as well as the list of recent changes, however, was logged on the server. An abuse complaint has been filed with his ISP.

And again...

At present, the RedBook entry gets replaced nearly every other day by some porn spammers. If this continues, I'll just take the whole wiki offline!

And again...

Because spammers keep on replacing content constantly, all entries are from now on password protected. I will leave the wiki up and running because people have made links to it on their web sites. But it will not be updated or maintained any further.

For more up to date information, visit the exopaedia itself, at

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Page last modified on September 22, 2008, at 05:12 PM